Agricultural Development & Investments.


Eos Capital is fundraising for its new agriculture fund, the Euphrates Agri Fund. The first Namibian Agriculture private equity fund that’s mission is to stimulate the agriculture sector through growth investments in climate adapted, and expertise- and technology-driven projects across the value chain, which will:

  • Reduce carbon footprint of food production by prioritising investments that are environmentally friendly

  • Increase relevance of exports to external markets and reduce the importance “substitution of imports”

  • Support creation of added value in Namibia to deliver high quality, differentiated products

  • Deliver social impact to Namibian economy

  • Provide medium returns to fund shareholders

  • As part of the ESG strategy of the Fund, investments will be made into sustainable, climate-adapted Agri businesses that promote the greening of the economy

  • To increase agriculture production, parts of the country that are currently part-desert will be turned into productive land. The fund will also ensure that jobs created have a focus on gender equality and decent pay

  • The positive impacts from these investments will in turn lead to direct positive gains in 8 of the UN Sustainable Development goals

Contact Eos Capital to learn more about investing or receiving funding for agriculture investments or projects.